Burn Belly Fat

For the combustion of belly fat, it is important that the whole body is trained and molded through a balanced diet and exercise. In addition, there are some tricks that specifically help to burn abdominal fat.

Belly fat burn through endurance and strength training and abdominal exercises

To burn off the belly fat, it is necessary that more energy burned than is taken up by food. Endurance sports such as jogging, cycling or swimming are ideal to work off flab. Recommended are weekly two to three training sessions with a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. Even regular strength training provides continuous fat burning, because who builds muscles, also benefits from the increased calorie consumption. Thus, the body needs to ensure an adequate supply of energy, rather go to the fat reserves. An interval training ensures maximum training effect. If strength training is divided into phases in which the pulse is increased and shut down again due to an adjustment of the rate, you can also burn belly fat. Belly fat can by abdominal exercises such as sit-ups or crunches, although not specifically trained away, but these exercises tighten the abdomen optically. The general Muscle Building generally causes an increased fat burning.

Belly fat burn by drinking plenty of vegetables and citrus fruit

If you drink at least two liters of water a day, you will burn an average of at least 100 extra calories. Through a dash of lemon in the water of the fat-burning effect can be intensified, also the body detoxifies. Belly fat is burned as by coffee, black or green tea possible, because these drinks stimulate the fat burning. Coffee, however, should be consumed in moderation, because the body can quickly get used to increased caffeine intake. Even citrus fruits and vegetables can help you burn off the belly fat, because the abdomen is tightened thereby. Citrus fruits like pineapple or kiwi contain valuable enzymes, thanks to which the fat burning is stimulated in a natural way. Asparagus, peppers and tomatoes also act stimulating effect on fat metabolism. On top of that the body is purified.

Burn belly fat by iodinated food and spices

If you consume iodised food regularly, the formation of metabolically activating thyroid hormones is promoted. Very much iodine is contained in seafood and fish as well as algae. When seasoning with salt should therefore be chosen in principle the iodinated variant. Also hot spices promote fat burning. Especially Chili Peppers stimulate the stomach and intestinal activity, as these spices support the formation of digestive enzymes and thus help to burn abdominal fat. Ginger acts similarly, because here Gallen juices will increasingly be produced.


These exercises and tips can be burned in belly fat good support, however, requires a long-term success, ie, a lean and healthy body, regular measures against the flab and in many cases a complete change of diet and exercise.

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